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Mobile device protection that means business.

Unexpected surprises are rarely a good thing for businesses. Especially when they arrive in the form of cracked screens, broken buttons or faulty charge ports. Fortunately, The Cellairis Bundle makes device protection and repairs easier and more predictable with a sturdy case, tempered glass screen protector and a Never Pay Guarantee that covers practically every scenario that could damage your device.

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A slim, military drop-tested case that dramatically decreases the chances your devices will ever break in the first place.

The Never Pay Guarantee


An HD Crystal Clear screen protector that goes on bubble free and is impact, smudge and scratch resistant.

The Never Pay Guarantee


Our Never Pay Guarantee covers built-in cameras, speakers, screens, microphones, charging ports, headphone ports, buttons, case and screen protector — and ensures that if an accident does happen, you can quickly have devices repaired at absolutely no additional cost for 2 years. To sweeten the deal, If we cannot repair the covered items we will transfer the remaining time on the Never Pay Guarantee to a new device that you purchase.

The Never Pay Guarantee
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The Cellairis Bundle for Business is offered for most Samsung and Apple phones and tablets.


of people globally have experienced a cracked mobile device screen.


say the expense of fixing their cracked screen was the biggest barrier to fixing it.


The amount parents have spent repairing or replacing devices for their kids.


Smartphones save business users 58 minutes each day and increase productivity 34%.

Eliminate surprises from
the cost of business.

We know that when your devices go down, the cost of doing business without them can skyrocket.
The Cellairis Bundle for Business saves you:

We know that when your devices go down, the cost of doing business without them can skyrocket.
The Cellairis Bundle for Business saves you:


We’ve taken every precaution for protecting your investments by bundling your devices in a protective case and screen protector, but if any of your devices do break, we’ve made sure it’s not going to cost your business a dime to keep your team up and running.


From easy appointment setting and game-changing repair depot and shipping services to our hundreds of retail locations ready to serve you at your convenience, we’ll quickly get your devices back to work.


To help you be more productive with your time, we’ve eliminated the need for filling out expense reports or searching for repair services. With The Cellairis Bundle for Business, you’re going to experience fewer devices breaking, and less time repairing the ones that do break.

Show us your Break Rate we’ll show you the savings.

With The Cellairis Bundle for Business protecting your equipment, breaking a device won’t break your capital expenditure budget. Punch the numbers for yourself to see how much you can save on otherwise costly repairs.

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Total Cost of Repairs

* The repair costs displayed are based on the particular phone model that you select. The repair cost amount is an average of the actual repair costs for the selected model from a Cellairis branded retail store in the following states: CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, NJ, NY, TX


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What repairs are covered by The Cellairis Bundle?2020-11-02T18:26:01+00:00

The Cellairis Bundle covers the following repairs: Built-in Cameras, Speakers, Screens, Microphones, Charging Ports, Headphone Ports, and Buttons. The Case and the Screen Protector are also covered.

What if my device is unable to be repaired?2020-11-02T18:26:53+00:00

If your device cannot be repaired, we will transfer the remaining terms of your coverage to a new device provided by your Company.

What are some common reasons that my device would be considered unrepairable?2020-11-02T18:27:26+00:00

Some of the main reasons that devices are unable to be repaired are due to water damage, frame damage, electrical surge or swollen batteries.

Is there a limit on how many times you will repair my device?2020-11-02T18:27:50+00:00

Your device is eligible for repairs as long as it is in the coverage terms. There is no limit to how many times you can receive repairs within that timeframe.

What if the case or screen protector breaks, but the device does not need to be repaired?2020-11-02T18:28:20+00:00

You are still covered! We will replace the case or screen protector free of charge.

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